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The Conjuring Moon is your one stop shop for all your Witchy & Metaphysical needs. Our Full Moon Subscription Box is a carefully curated box that is filled with various ritual, altar supplies & witchy tools so you can conduct that perfect-for-you Full Moon meditation session & or ritual. The metaphysical items every month will be different and coincide with that particular Full Moon! Every item is handpicked, or hand made by me. The items are then carefully cleansed, and crystals are charged.

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We hope you enjoy this enchanting, magickal box as much as we enjoy curating it for you!

~Blessed Be

What items will be in my box?

Every month your box will be carefully curated with items such as but not limited to crystals, raw, polished stones, candles, candle holders, journals, herbs, spell jars, altar cloths, healing crystals, jewelry, besoms, wands, and other ritual items.

  • Every month you will find a variety of polished stones, and or raw healing crystals. We scour the ends of the earth to bring you the best ethically sourced selection available.

  • Some boxes will include a Tarot or Oracle deck.

  • You may just find a Cauldron along with TCM's very own Smudge Mix! Our smudge mixes have various uses from Good Vibes, to give your space a fresh positive feel to Go Away! burn to get rid of that negative energy once and for all.

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